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Programme of Films 2015/16

 52nd Season of World Cinema  
11 Films Shown in the period September 2015 - May 2016  
Programme Of Films at Walton & Weybridge Film Socirty  
French film at Walton in September 
Wednesday 9th September 2015
BEFORE THE WINTER CHILL (France) 2013 Dir. Philippe Claudel
Successful surgeon and husband Paul receives grateful attention from a former patient. Initially supportive, his wife becomes suspicious as the patient’s behaviour becomes threatening.
Cinema viewing in Walton on Thames of World War 1 Film 
Wednesday 30th September 2015
TESTAMENT OF YOUTH (UK) 2015 Dir. James Kent
Faithful rendition of Vera Brittain’s classic autobiography of a pre-World War I
teenager through a time of tumultuous change. A poignant depiction of grief and loss.
At the Cinema Box Office - Film Submarine 
Wednesday 21st October 2015
SUBMARINE (UK) 2010 Dir. Richard Ayoade
15-year-old Oliver Tate has two objectives: to lose his virginity before his next Birthday and to frustrate the affair between his mother and her ex-lover.
Polish movie screened at Walton on Thames Elmbridge Cinema 
Wednesday 11th November 2015
IDA (Poland) 2013 Dir. Pawel Pawlikowski
1961. Orphan Anna, a novice nun, is sent by her Mother Superior to her aunt, Wanda, before taking her vows. Wanda reveals Anna is Jewish and that her parents were killed in WWII. They undertake a journey from which Anna will learn more of her family history and what life outside a convent might offer.
Movie CYCLING WITH MOLIERE (France) 2013 Dir. Philippe Le Guay 
Wednesday 25th November 2015
CYCLING WITH MOLIERE (France) 2013 Dir. Philippe Le Guay
Two actors (one more or less retired) meet by chance and discuss the other’s plans to produce Moliere’s ‘Le Misanthrope’. A witty and engaging insight into thespian life.
The film will be followed by our Christmas party
Cinema - Russian Film in Walton on Thames 
Wednesday 13th January 2016
LEVIATHAN (Russia) 2014 Dir. Andrej Zvyakintsev
Kolia is ordered to surrender his seafront home to the local mayor, and engages a lawyer to defend him. The lawyer has information to blackmail the mayor, but developments do not in any way turn out to Kolia’s advantage.
Movie ILO ILO (Singapore Film) 2013 Dir. Anthony Chen 
Wednesday 17th February 2016
ILO ILO (Singapore) 2013 Dir. Anthony Chen
1997, a year of Asian financial crisis. Brattish 10-year-old Jiale is used to an easy life until a new nanny from Ilo Ilo in the Philippines is engaged. Jiale’s mother is pregnant so the nanny becomes almost a surrogate but lays down strict rules, bringing about a changed relationship.
Winner of the Silver Bear at Berlin Film Festival 
Wednesday 9th March 2016
STATIONS OF THE CROSS (Germany) 2014 Dir. Dietrich Bruggemann
Winner of the Silver Bear at Berlin Film Festival. The film depicts 14-year-old Maria’s attempts to live as a true Catholic. However, modern life brings her many so-called ‘satanic’ temptations, although they are simply choir music and boys.
Funny Film from Argentina Film Festival 
Wednesday 30th March 2016
WILD TALES (Argentina) 2014 Dir. Damian Szifron
Six tales beginning with innocent everyday incidents which develop incrementally, with bizarre consequences. Co-produced by Pedro Almodovar, the humour is jet-black but outrageously funny.
A one-time film star attempts to regain the heights by putting on a Broadway production 
Wednesday 6th April 2016
BIRDMAN (USA) 2014 Dir. Alejandro Inarritu
A one-time film star attempts to regain the heights by putting on a Broadway production. Problems arise when one of the actors is injured in rehearsals, his replacement being an egotistical Method actor. Cracking dialogue and bravura performances were rewarded with a Best Picture Oscar.
Film from Belgium showing at Walton Cinema Club 
Wednesday 20th April 2016
TWO DAYS ONE NIGHT (Belgium) 2014 Dirs. Dardenne Brothers
Sandra, after a period in hospital for depression, returns to her family and hopefully to her former job. In her absence, the boss has canvassed the workers as to whether they were in favour of Sandra’s return or a bonus. Sandra asks for a secret ballot and spends a weekend visiting her colleagues to seek their support.
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