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Chairman's Letter to Members of Walton and Weybridge Film Society

Summer 2017 Newsletter to Members  
Dear Member  
I would have preferred this letter to have concentrated on matters other than financial but, as I mentioned during my address at the AGM, our resources are rapidly diminishing. If you would refer to the latest accounts (via our website at: you will see that expenses have exceeded income over the last two years to such an extent that our reserves have virtually halved. If this situation continued, we would not be able to continue beyond the next two seasons. This would be a humbling end to one of the oldest film societies in the country.

The base cause is the significant drop in membership in our 2016/17 season practically one-third down on the preceding season. There have been no signs of dissatisfaction from members regarding our venue or selection of films shown reaction slips normally reveal enthusiasm in more than 70% of completed slips for our presentations. Our subscription rate appears to present no problem in fact it has been suggested [by a member!] that it is far too low! Our first step to stem future losses will be, therefore, to make the single membership fee for 2017/18 55 and the double 95, with the usual discounts for early application. Guest tickets will remain at 5. We are also proposing to run more raffles one at the opening film, one at Christmas and one at the AGM just before the end of the season.

We are hoping that we may be able to take advantage of Film Society licence rates for films we show, which could result in a significant cost saving, but the crying need is for restoration of the membership level to at least the 2015/16 level and, hopefully, to secure an even higher membership. We are widening our publicity efforts but word-of mouth by existing members is heartily recommended if each current member or couple could encourage just one person to join, added to the actions mentioned above, our deficit would disappear!

Our aim as a film society has always been to exhibit the best of international cinema, and the programme we are presenting for our 2017/18 season continues that tradition. There is a rich selection of dramas but not forgetting comedies, with several of our choices having won prestigious awards at film festivals around the world. Be there and bring a friend!

Kenneth Wilson
01932 226386
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